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We offer many furnaces with variable and multi-speed features that can provide enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to your thermostat setting rather than simply turning on at full speed.  Our current product offering starts at 80% AFUE and goes all the way to a very efficient 96.6% AFUE rating. Depending on your average usage, higher AFUE rated furnaces can significantly reduce your gas bill.




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Air Conditioner Units

Effective air conditioner installation requires a complete review of your home and its cooling system needs. Our experience has allowed us to learn what it takes to effectively air condition at your home or business, and our knowledge of air conditioner trends allows us to stay on top of the best cooling system options.

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Water Heater

Many factors determine which water heater is best for your home. American Air HVAC Inc offers a full line of water heaters with the latest technologies. We have the top of line models that deliver an endless supply of hot water and save energy.




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Thermostat - American Air HVACThermostat

We offer variety of thermostats that adapts to your style. We have advanced programmable thermostats, smart thermostats, and regular thermostats.