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Here are ways to stay cool till we restore your AC:


Don’t stay in humid environment, Lower the Shades
During the hottest time of the day the sunlight comes through your windows and creates a greenhouse effect inside. Even with the windows open the sunlight can increase the interior temperature significantly. Close the blinds, lower the shades, and shut the curtains. Blocking the sunlight from getting inside will help to lessen the sweltering heat.

Natural Cooling
As soon as the sun sets the outside temperature drops quite a bit. Open the windows at night to allow some of the heat out and some of the cooler air inside. As soon as the sun rises in the morning be certain to close those windows to keep out as much of the heat as possible.

Chilling Yourself Down
Take a few bowls and fill them with ice. Place the bowls in front of any table fans you have in the home. If you do not have any, they can be purchased at your local home center for around ten dollars. Placing a fan on a table near your chair with a big bowl of ice is going to feel like a mini air conditioner compared to the incredible heat.

Time to Towel Off
Grab some towels from the closet and run them under cold water. Place one around your neck while the others go into the freeze. The large vein that runs up your neck to your brain will instantly feel that cool sensation and actually tell the brain it is cold. Your body will actually feel slightly cooler instantly if you try this technique. As the towels lose their coolness, swap them out for the frozen ones in the freezer.

Turn Down the Heat
If your air conditioner is not working, don’t do anything to bring more heat inside the house. Avoid using the oven and the stove. If you have an outdoor grill that the is perfect way to make meals for a while. Better yet have some icy cold salads or a nice cool hoagie sandwich.

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